Promise land

Trials and affliction eat my heart,

I trust not in the One who will help,

all my pain, in my heart is felt;

to ask, I don’t know where to start.


Will He answer and make it right?

I feel all alone, desperate, angry.

I want to run, hide and flee,

but I know I must stand and fight.


Rage, anger, malice sit and stir;

help me love and forgive, bring peace,

take it all away, I beg you please.

I become foggy, all a blur.


I see…a light in the distance,

a calm, peace and a blessed hope;

rough in my hands I feel a rope,

He pulls me to Himself with no resistance.


He takes my trembling hand,

tells me it will be alright.

Hugging me, wrapping me tight,

He leads me through to the promised land.




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