The Weight of a Word

I think that a lot of times we take words for granted. I know of 3 words right now we take for granted so much they have lost their weight…their significance…their power.

1. Best

2. Friend

3. Thankful

When we look at what these words means, the dictionary will tell us that

best means- good or useful to the highest degree: most excellent;

friend means-one attached to another by affection or esteem;

thankful means-conscious of benefit received: expressive of thanks.


Now lets look at these words in a new light!!

Best=outstanding, perfect, terrific, first-rate

Friend= intimate, ally, cohort, sidekick

Thankful=contented, overwhelmed, satisfied, indebted


Those are some powerful words there!!

When I think of these words like this: I am thankful for my best friend

I am actually saying something like this: I am indebted to my most excellent cohort!!

There are only two whom I have called best friend in the last 9 years….those names would be John {my hubby} and JESUS!!

I know people throw that ‘best friend’ wording around a lot, but I will not ever bestow someone the privilege of that title unless you are special…I say that, but I do not mean to say that people in my life are not special.

Each person in my life holds a special place, a standing, a friendship status. But I cannot throw around such weighted words lest I hurt myself!!

Think about how often you call someone your best friend….do they deserve that title??

If you ever hear those words uttered out of my mouth that you are my best friend…then I am entrusting you to carry those words tightly to your heartstrings, they are heavy, and if you let them go without much thought…you not only hurt me, but you will hurt yourself when the weight drops from your grasp.


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