Biblical Discipline For Kids

Discipline with Biblical Principals

Steps to Improve Your Child’s Behavior


As parents I know we all go through the times were we are beyond frustrated with our kids behavior. I have tried so many methods that have never worked, even read over a dozen parenting books to no avail. I finally got down on my knees and asked the Lord what to do.


I will not tell you I got my answer right away, in fact I got up disappointed that I did not get an answer at all. I felt frustrated, “God, did you not see my tears of desperation??!! Do You not care to answer me!!” I did not get it, what was the deal, was I not praying right??


I went about my day in a funk, with a little chip on my shoulder {ok a big one!!}. But the next day I got up from bed and didn’t think twice about what happened the day before. I went about my day happy as a lark. That evening I went to church and after service I got to talking with our Kids Prayer Leader about the joys of having 3 kids….this ultimately led into me telling of an incident that brought on much of my parenting frustration.


I just love how God works. As I was telling her my story she suggests I try something like this:


1-Tell your child that when he sins he is breaking God’s laws, and when he does this he cannot have fellowship with God. Our sins separate us from God and we cannot go to heaven if we have un-repented sin in our hearts. {Isaiah 59:2}


2-Have your child go to their room and sit and think about the 10 commandments and tell you which laws he has broken. {I have a poster from children’s church on the wall with all 10 with words and pictures for them to look at}.


3-Have the child come to YOU when they are ready to pray and repent. They should sit in their room at least 10 minutes, anything less than that means they haven’t had time to think about what they did.


4-Have the child pray first and make sure they pray at least contains an “I am sorry, forgive me” then you will follow up and pray about the issue. Use this time to talk to your child about the offense and why it is unacceptable to your home and to God.


I have also taken a further step in all this and included:


-pulling scriptures that go along with the offense and making them write lines. I have kids of different ages and writing skills so I tailor it to their ability. But I have noticed that doing these steps have significantly improved my children’s behavior!!


If a spanking is needed due to the offense, I will give it after we have prayed. Then I will explain that God tells me in His Word that I cannot spare the rod if I love my children. {Proverbs 13:24} I will then give 1 to 2 spanking on the fatty part of their butt with a wooden spoon.


I am not a perfect parent, never will be, never will claim to be. But I do know that only the Lord Jesus Christ has the ability to change a persons heart. I must teach my kids that sin is what makes our hearts hard and ugly, and that asking Jesus to forgive us is what makes it clean again.


I will train up my children in the way they should go, so when they are old they will not depart from it {Proverbs 22:6}


There is a spiritual battle going on and the enemy satan wants our children. I refuse to allow sin to take hold in those little hearts, I will not lose this battle, or this war!!!


Pray is what will win!!


I encourage you to try this if you are struggling with your child, you will see a difference!!


written 5/2013


One thought on “Biblical Discipline For Kids

  1. Very cool! I love how you pulled all of it together but I am even more thankful to know that it is working! Thanks for sharing!

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