Teaching My Kids Appreciation

I know some of you are going to shake your heads at me and say I am so cruel, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


Today I had reached my breaking point and had 2 of my 3 children go beyond disrespecting me. I was cleaning the house and most of the time I do it by myself while the kids play and do their own thing, but today I decided to ask for some help.


They help me sometimes when they “feel” like it, but when did a 6 and 7 year old decided when they could tell me when they felt like helping??


So after much arguing and fussing I decided that I was done. This ungrateful attitude that they have been displaying was going to come to an end.


(We just went on vacation and the whole time we heard nothing but “I want”, “I wanna do this instead” and the dreaded “I’m not eating that”)




So after that week and today I decided enough was enough.


Their rooms got stripped to beds only and they will be eating nothing but cheerios {no sugar} for breakfast and beans and rice for lunch and supper….


I know this may sound harsh, but everything they have WE have worked for, everything they have is a PRIVELAGE not a deserved, everything they have they should be thankful for….and they are not. But they will be, one day, hopefully, prayerfully!!!


I pray that this will teach my kids to appreciate what they have and we as their parents are doing for them.


written 6/2013


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