No-Poo for my Do

I know the title sounds a bit strange so let me explain.

I have been done some massive research the last 2 years on harmful chemicals in our day to day products and foods. What I found has shocked me and appalled me.

First, I will not go into great detail about what I found, instead I am going to give a list of resources at the bottom of the post. These sources are ones that I trust to be true and hope you can glean some good info from them too.

Most of the people that know me personally know that I have extremely sensitive skin {a.k.a acne}. I have been on a quest to find out what is making it not go away! I know that there are so many factors in what can keep a person in a ‘wanna hide your face’ rut, so I had to go and find out what I could do to help myself without pharmaceutical help. Not that I am against a person going that route, but that route almost literally killed me once and I refuse to go knocking on deaths door again!

I know that what goes in, must come out…in other words, the diet that I eat effects my skin.

I know that was goes on my body effects how my skin reacts.

So the journey began in eliminating this and that; with some great results, and some tragic ‘crawl under a rock and hide’ failures.

This journey has led me down some roads I long to forget and some that I loved so much I still travel them.

This no-poo {no shampoo} journey is one that I want to stay on, but will have to experience the results first to decide if I will stay or not. In my walk with God, my hair and my heart are so intertwined and connected that I have to be careful what I do with it. I cannot just say “oh well, that ruined my hair, I will cut it and start over” NO MA’AM!! I can NOT cut my hair for any reason.

This is why I began to study the harsh chemicals in our hair products. Now I was asked last night {topic unrelated} if I believe everything I read on the internet…well if I did I would post that I was a germen model, then read it and believe it….but unfortunately that isn’t gonna work….

Some people may have found a good shampoo and have great results and never wanna switch. I have not had that happen; for years I have gone from one poo to another looking for perfectly smooth, frizz free hair. I hate…I HATE mouse, gel, hairspray!!! I use them very, very rarely!! In the last 10 years I can count on one hand how many times a blow drier or curling iron has touched my hair!! I am picky.

Well, the products tend to break my skin out so bad that I wont use them, that one main reason. The other is, that if its that bad on my face and neck what’s it doing to my hair??

So on to what I will be doing for my hair…

Soap nut shampoo. Egg washes. Baking Soda washes.

Do not look at me like that!! I can see the looks already.

My hair will not be smelly. I will make sure that when I come around you I will be freshly washed!! LOL

In my next post I will share the recipes on how to do all this if you are interested in trying it out, or just curious.

Until then, for those of you using shampoo- HAPPY WASHING!!!

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